Activist and community advocate for sex worker rights.

Sex worker, sex worker activist, performance artist, with a career spanning over twenty years, work in several countries & many sectors of the sex industry.

Involvement in other activism, with a particular interest in queer rights, neuroatypical rights and bodily autonomy.

All views expressed on this blog are those of the author, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. It could totally be me, I basically remember when the Internet was invented, so I’m not claiming to be an expert at getting this stuff right.
    Let me smoke a dozen or so cigarettes & re-group. I’ll try again. – J.

  2. LOL! It works fine subscribing through WordPress, but not through my reader – which is probably a reader issue, I’ll get on to them. Thanks!

  3. This is all a new an exciting adventure in technology for me – I think I have added the right button. But my “false consciousness” may have caused me to add a completely unrelated button (one that says RSS, but does not in fact relate to the required function). So please tell me if I got it right. – Jane-PS, I added the widget on the right-hand sidebar.

  4. Jane, trying to find the RSS link for this blog so I can add it to my reader and nothing’s working. Any chance you could add an RSS button? x

  5. Thanks for the inquiry – I am still compiling the second dataset (the research comprises two years of comparative data) and finalising the research. I am hoping to submit for peer review prior to the end of 2014 and then publish as soon as possible after this.

  6. Hi Jane,
    I’m a Brisbane-based sex worker doing my Honours on sex worker ideas of justice. At the Scarlet National Forum last year I really enjoyed your presentation on whorephobia in the media. I was wondering if you could send me or if you have published the media analysis research you were showing at the conference? I think it’s great and valuable work.
    Warm regards,

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